Dutchy Goodness Waits for You in FiDi

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No, no, not tulips and windmills sadly.  Per Curbed the tall glassy (because glassy = luxury) building that is 19 Dutch has launched with rentals for a studio starting at $2,695, 1 bedrooms at $3,895 and 1 1/2 to 2 bedrooms at $4,390. Not too shabby, particularly if you consider the schools.  It’s zoned for the Peck Slip school which is a lovely glass building and great for the arts. It’s also new construction!   It’s also perfect if you feel that your life was missing something and it turned out it was…dutch values?!

The marketing for the building is hilarious but I’ll give them credit, they really carried that New Amsterdam angle through.  Such as:

Designed by GKV Architects, the residences explore the convivial Dutch concept of “gezellig”—where comfort and convenience converge in every detail through the execution of McCartan’s interior wit and harkens to a time inspired by the whimsical romance of the Dutch golden age.

The Dutch Golden Age?!  Huh. Per Nat Geo apparently colonial New York City was an “intoxicated Dutch settlement.”  It was also smelly, so it’s good to know that some traditions continue.

..one that’s genuinely welcoming, warmly livable, highly enviable, and begging to be discovered.

It’s standing out like a sore thumb in the middle of FiDi, so not sure why it’s “begging.”

Traditional Dutch values breathe effortless charm into these bright and airy residences…

Who knew floor to ceiling windows were a Dutch thang?

Anyways, if you check it out do let me know if it has hidden tulips and tiny windmills.

In the Financial District, rentals in a glassy skyscraper launch from $2,615/month – Curbed





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