The Best Airbnbs in the Hudson Valley For Every Style

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Not crazy about the sweet, sweet, sewer smell of New York city in the summer? Then you’ll want to check out this list of the best Hudson Valley Airbnbs that are only about an hour or 2 away, and are completely Insta-friendly.

If Your Style is “Chic-Rustic” yet Modern…


If you’re into the rustic look and feel but still need all the amenities of a modern home like air conditioning – always useful during a heatwave – then you’ll love this renovated Airbnb barn that is completely chic and the perfect setting to throw an impromptu dinner party.

$350 per night on Airbnb.


If Your Style is Artistic in an Architectural Digest Way…


This Airbnb listing for a family estate with it’s own private waterfall is a genuine artistic home made completely modern. So if your dream has been to be featured in Architectural Digest this WON’T help you, but hey, you could always fake it until the time you really make it.

$150 per night on Airbnb.


If Your Style Reflects Your Desire to Visit Bali…


If you’re dying to visit South Asia but really don’t want to put up with the long, long flight then this Bali-inspired Airbnb could be a good placeholder – or could actually inspire you to book that trip while chilling in that hammock after a few glasses of wine.

$600 per night on Airbnb.


If Your Style is Glamping ala “The Martian”


Fan of The Martian?  Bad news – this Airbnb is NOT on Mars.  Good news – it is a geodome on a genuine farm in the Catskills so you can pretend that it’s a more lush version of Mars.

$350 per night on Airbnb.


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