Peak Coconut May Be Here (But That’s OK!)

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I think we’re at peak coconut but to be honest, that’s totally fine.  As a coconut lover I assure you that myself and other coconut fans (coconutties?  Coocoo for coconuts?) are living our best -and loveliest coconut scented life ever.


So when this shows up in my Instagram feed you KNOW that I’d be at the nearest Sephora to pick this up.

You’d think it’d be in the Fresh aisle right? Nope, was in the checkout line. I actually walked out of the Flatiron Sephora after not finding it.  And I promise you, Sephora wasn’t joking about it tasting like a beach getaway.  Smells and tastes pure, kind of like RMS but more pure coconut.

Yes, I can tell the difference.


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