The Crazy that is #theferragnez Wedding

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Full disclosure: I had no clue who Chiara Ferragni is until my Instagram blew up with #theferragnez.  She is an Italian Instagram influencer per Wiki who, because she has 10 million followers, can command $12K PER POST.  Seriously.  But let’s take a look at what an Instagram influencer’s wedding to an Italian rapper looks like.



The Invitation

The Mascots

Seriously, they have WEDDING MASCOTS who have their own Instagram account – in just 4 days it has over 22K followers.

The Pre-Wedding Day Dress

Wedding Dress #1

Custom made by Dior.  Because, of course.

The Custom Dior Shoes

The Bride and Groom

Wedding Dress #2

The detailing on this dress is insane.

The Reception Dress

Dior, of course.


The Reception


The Cake


Gifts for the Guests


Congrats to all, pretty sure this influencer wedding is #weddinggoals for all of Insta.  For the inside scoop see the post from Vogue.



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